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This area has now been studied for over 100 years.


Dr Andra Campitelli – Naturopathic Doctor, Educator & Nutraceutical Specialist
Dr Heather Cardin –  Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College

Cliff Harvey – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Author, Speaker and Researcher based on Auckland

1/ The official Pruvit Research Page with key articles of interest
2/ Beneficial effects of ketogenic diets for cancer patients
3/ The Ketogenic2Diet and Autism
4/ Intermittent Fasting and Lifespan
5/ The Conundrum of Cholesterol & Ketones
6/ Doctor Explains What Happens To The Human Body When It Goes Into Ketosis
7/ Ketosis and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Former Athlete’s Perspective
8/ It’s getting clearer — the diet-cancer connection points to sugar and carbs
9/ Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Nutritional Ketosis
10/ How Ketogenic Diets Curb Inflammation
11/ Starving cancer: Dominic D’Agostino at TEDxTampaBay (Video)
12/ Webinar with Cliff Harvey (ND) and Joe Rogister (Video)
13/ Neuroscience Reveals What Fasting Does To The Brain (And Why Big Pharma and the Food Industry Won’t Study It) (Video)

1/ The Effects of Ketogenic Dieting on Body Composition, Strength, Power, and Hormonal Profiles in Resistance Training Males
2/ A modified ketogenic gluten-free diet with MCT improves behavior in children with autism spectrum disorder
3/ Anti-seizure effects of nutritional ketosis as a tool for treating Alzheimer’s disease (different name)
4/ Efficacy of Metabolically Supported Chemotherapy Combined with Ketogenic Diet, Hyperthermia, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Stage IV Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
5/ Twelve-month outcomes of a randomized trial of a moderate-carbohydrate versus very low-carbohydrate diet in overweight adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus or prediabetes
6/ Ketone Bodies as Anti-Seizure Agents
7/ Beta-hydroxybutyrate, an endogenic NLRP3 inflammasome inhibitor, attenuates stress-induced behavioral and inflammatory responses
8/ Ketogenic diet versus gluten free casein free diet in autistic children: a case-control study
9/ Ketogenic diet in migraine: rationale, findings and perspectives
10/ Pleiotropic effects of nutritional ketosis: Conceptual framework for keto-adaptation as a breast cancer therapy
11/ Twelve-month outcomes of a randomized trial of a moderate-carbohydrate versus very low-carbohydrate diet in overweight adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus or prediabetes
12/ Targeting the Warburg effect for cancer treatment: Ketogenic diets for management of glioma
13/ The promising potential role of ketones in inflammatory dermatologic disease: a new frontier in treatment research
14/ Diet-Induced Ketosis Protects Against Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Mouse
15/ High glucose levels promote the proliferation of breast cancer cells through GTPases
16/ Intermittent Fasting Protects against Alzheimer’s Disease Possible through Restoring Aquaporin-4 Polarity
17/ When less may be more: calorie restriction and response to cancer therapy
18/ Nutritional Ketosis Affects Metabolism and Behavior in Sprague-Dawley Rats in Both Control and Chronic Stress Environments
19/ Carbohydrate-Restriction with High-Intensity Interval Training: An Optimal Combination for Treating Metabolic Diseases?
20/ Ketogenic diet versus gluten free casein free diet in autistic children: a case-control study
21/ Associations of fats and carbohydrate intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality in 18 countries from five continents (PURE): a prospective cohort study
22/ The ketogenic diet as a treatment paradigm for diverse neurological disorders
23/ 10 patients, 10 years – Long term follow-up of cardiovascular risk factors in Glut1 deficiency treated with ketogenic diet therapies: A prospective, multicenter case series
24/ Metabolic characteristics of keto-adapted ultra-endurance runners
25/ Hepatic Ketogenesis Induced by Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion in Mice
26/ Role of ketogenic metabolic therapy in malignant glioma: A systematic review
27/ Do ketogenic diets really suppress appetite? A systematic review and meta-analysis
28/ The ketone metabolite β-hydroxybutyrate blocks NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated inflammatory disease
29/ Targeting energy metabolism in brain cancer: review and hypothesis
30/ beta-Hydroxybutyrate decreases adenosine triphosphate degradation products in human subjects
31/ Management of Glioblastoma Multiforme in a Patient Treated With Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy and Modified Standard of Care: A 24-Month Follow-Up
32/ Caffeine intake increases plasma ketones: an acute metabolic study in humans


This is the exciting new area of study! This section will grow over the coming years as more studies are completed, especially on humans.

1/ Dietary Supplement With Ketones May Mitigate Migraine Attacks
2/ Exogenous Ketones: What They Are, Benefits of Use and How They Work
3/ Webinar with Cliff Harvey (ND) and Joe Rogister (Video)
4/ Exogenous ketones, how the hell did I get here, and who are these people?
5/ A Deep Dive Into Ketosis: How Navy Seals, Extreme Athletes & Busy Executives Can Enhance Physical and Mental Performance With The Secret Weapon of Ketone Fuel
6/ Four New, Cutting-Edge Ways To Easily Shift Your Body Into Fat-Burning Mode & Ketosis

1/ On the Metabolism of Exogenous Ketones in Humans
2/ Anxiolytic Effect of Exogenous Ketone Supplementation Is Abolished by Adenosine A1 Receptor Inhibition in Wistar Albino Glaxo/Rijswijk Rats
3/ Anticonvulsant effect of exogenous β-hydroxybutyrate on kainic acid-induced epilepsy
4/ The glucose-lowering effects of exogenous ketones: is there therapeutic potential?
5/ Prior ingestion of exogenous ketone monoester attenuates the glycaemic response to an oral glucose tolerance test in healthy young individuals (Ketone Esters)
6/ A Ketone Ester Drink Lowers Human Ghrelin and Appetite  (Ketone Esters)
7/ β-hydroxybutyrate alleviates depressive behaviors in mice possibly by increasing the histone3-lysine9-β-hydroxybutyrylation
8/ D-β-hydroxybutyrate promotes functional recovery and relieves pain hypersensitivity in mice with spinal cord injury
9/ The promising potential role of ketones in inflammatory dermatologic disease: a new frontier in treatment research
10/ Metabolism of ketone bodies during exercise and training: physiological basis for exogenous supplementation (Ketone Esters)
11/ Oral β-hydroxybutyrate increases ketonemia, decreases visceral adipocyte volume and improves serum lipid profile in Wistar rats
12/ Effects of exogenous ketone supplementation on blood ketone, glucose, triglyceride, and lipoprotein levels in Sprague-Dawley rats
13/ Protective effects of exogenous β-hydroxybutyrate on paraquat toxicity in rat kidney
14/ Metabolic effects of exogenous ketone supplementation – an alternative or adjuvant to the ketogenic diet as a cancer therapy?
15/ Ketone Body Infusion With 3‐Hydroxybutyrate Reduces Myocardial Glucose Uptake and Increases Blood Flow in Humans: A Positron Emission Tomography Study
16/ Intake of a Ketone Ester Drink during Recovery from Exercise Promotes mTORC1 Signaling but Not Glycogen Resynthesis in Human Muscle(Ketone Esters)
17/ Ketone supplementation decreases tumor cell viability and prolongs survival of mice with metastatic cancer (Ketone Esters)
18/ Therapeutic ketosis with ketone ester delays central nervous system oxygen toxicity seizures in rats (Ketone Esters)
19/ Non-Toxic Metabolic Management of Metastatic Cancer in VM Mice: Novel Combination of Ketogenic Diet, Ketone Supplementation, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Ketone Esters)
20/ Effects of beta-hydroxybutyrate on cognition in memory-impaired adults (MCT)