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You can view prices and buy Pruvit products from this link here.

Ordering is pretty straightforward:
– Click “Select options” on the product of your choice;
– If ordering a Keto//OS product choose Caffeine-free or Charged (caffeinated);
– Under “How Often” select “One time only” or “Every month (Smartship)*;
– Enter desired quantity;
– Select “Add to Cart”;
– Go to Checkout and enter your details. You must enter a street address not a PO Box, and make sure you type your address in full (eg, STREET instead of ST).

Note that prices on the site are in $US. The delivery times are usually only 3-5 days, so you’ll have your Pruvit product(s) very soon!

If you have any trouble with the ordering process please don’t hesitate to email tracey@ketonesfix.com.

The Smartship Program unlocks a 22% discount on your monthly order, you have the option of free product with 2 referrals, AND you receive free product with every fourth consecutive monthly order.  You can turn off Smartship or change the product at any time, Note when you select “Every Month (Smartship)” as your delivery option your order will not be processed for 30 days. To order product for immediate delivery AND enrol in the Smartship program do two orders, one choosing “One Time Only” and the other choosing “Every Month (Smartship)” as your delivery option.

When you get the product, go to our Experience Better web portal (https://www.experiencebetter.today/how-do-i-use-pruvit-products/ password: better) for usage instructions.

Let me know when you receive your order it so I can support you in any way I can. I’m looking forward to hearing about your results!

Tracey Martin